Thank you for another wonderful year, and Merry Christmas!

6119 Concession 3 Rd, Goodwood, ON



We provide free tree bailing and netting!

Have Any Questions?

Tree Prices

Please bring cash! We are not equipped for Debit/Credit transactions.

7 Feet & Under


8 Feet & Under


9 Feet & Under


10 Feet & Under


Please call for info on extra large trees!

Cormack’s Christmas tree farm has been a tradition since the early 1950s now in its third generation of tree farmers. We pride ourselves on producing some of the best shaped trees in all of Ontario. Best of all, they’re completely organic!


Cut your own tree from over 10 fields of Pine, Fir, and Spruce trees, or select one of our pre-cuts from the barn!

Horses and Ponies for pet & play!


Let our staff entertain the kids with the on-farm horses and ponies while the adults go tree cutting. No extra fee! We have horses that you can Feed & Pet. We have a bonfire to keep warm. Bring food if you’d like to cook! Bring your dog off-leash if they are trained, bring sleds and toboggans if there is snow! There’s free hot chocolate and coffee and cookies for the kids!


When are you open?
We are open Weekends 9AM to 5PM.
Do you provide tools?
We have hand saws you can borrow free of charge if you do not have one. PLEASE bring one if you do have one. You may NOT borrow our chainsaws.
Do you have washrooms?
Yes, we have a washroom on site.
What payment do you accept?
We do not accept anything other than cash, we are lucky to get internet out in these woods.
Do I need to book an appointment?
No, you do not.
What kind of trees do you have?
We have Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, White Spruce, Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, and White/Red Pine.
Do you offer wagon rides?
We do not have wagon rides as the terrain is too hilly and depending on the weather you will get stuck.
Do I have to cut my own tree?
We have pre cut trees available in the barn, prices here start at $60.
Do you have a bonfire?
We do have a bonfire unless it is raining or too windy. 

Open weekends in December!

Visit us at 6169 Front St, Goodwood, ON